We Make Your Benefits Package Purposeful, Easy and Affordable


Your business is purpose-driven with goals and objectives that must be met. Every significant activity must support the company’s mission. The same should be true for your Benefit Package, but this area is frequently left to aimless, unplanned meandering. We partner with you to define the role, goals and objectives your Benefit Package will accomplish.


As your subject-matter-experts, we simplify the confusing and shifting world of government regulations and product developments. We present your options with sound recommendations and thereby turn a bewildering puzzle into easy decisions. Furthermore, we transfer administrative tasks off your plate to make year-round administration easy on your organization, and easy for your employees. Examples include employee communication/education, enrollment maintenance, and plan member advocacy.

Lost and Confused Signpost meeting Results


Nationally, benefits equate to 30% of civilian workers compensation, and the cost of benefits has historically increased 20% greater than wages. For the last thirty-plus years, multiple strategies have been implemented to control cost. Like squeezing a balloon, costs are restrained in one area, but expand in another so that no single strategy is effective year after year. Therefore, if your cost containment strategy is not changing, then it is dying. We continuously bring creative solutions to the ongoing battle against rising cost.

Core Values

We strive to honor God and enjoy Him in every moment and action.values
This means we act with integrity (even when nobody is watching). We willingly work with all our heart striving for excellence. We serve with humility and seek our customer’s best interests.

Who Are Our Customers?

We serve individuals, small to mid-sized business, and employers with a staff of thousands. We have helped children, skilled laborers, and professionals. Our clients include companies in manufacturing, construction, communication, transportation, finance, and service industry. We intentionally avoid niche marketing because we believe people are more important than the niche in life they come from. For when you need help, we are ready to work for you.

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